U - Unity & Diversity #AtoZChallenge

Today’s Agenda: Document what everyone’s up to. Everyone lies. Find out when they do or say something illogical and make a note of that.

‘That’s our daily routine! Let it stay that way on the board, don’t erase it and rewite it every day.’

‘No, we need to live each day and be sure we accomplish it, every day,’ said Uma, my bestfriend and the leader of our two person group.

It is our duty to find out who lies and when they do that. We use this information to analyse their chances in the group projects. We help set up teams, based on the compatibility and their collective performance. We get along fine, and work wise we are great together, but not so much other times.It’s not like we both are absolutely incompatible. We believe different things, yet we make things work. But there were times when I doubted if she even trusted me completely.

I asked, ‘Uma, we are good friends, but that doesn’t exempt me from lying right? So how can you trust me?’

‘Unnathi, we are a team. That means we should trust each other. If we don’t stick together, no matter what happens, we can’t make it work. Don’t believe what anyone ever says about us. Remember, it’s us against them,’ she said.

Since that day I never questioned her again, until the day she lied. She compromised on one of the basic principles of our team. She lied to me. If we were a team till then, then I knew we wouldn’t be after this ultimate betrayal. When I confronted, she apologised. That should’ve made things right, like always. But this time, it didn’t.

‘You know things don’t change completely because of one mistake. But an apology doesn’t rectify it either. I decided something and nothing you say will stop me from doing this. I felt you should no longer be a part of the team.’

‘Just listen to me, we have to go through pain, all these troubles, only then we can develop into better people. You say I lied, I say I was testing how must of trust you had in me. I still am sorry. I shouldn’t have done this.’

‘I don’t think what you said has any effect on what I’m going to say. I felt you should no longer be a part of the team. From this day onwards, I don’t think I am worthy enough to be in our team. I doubted you in spite of your reassurance that it doesn’t matter. I didn’t trust you completely, so this means I no longer have the privileged of being in the team. Also you can’t be a part any longer, because there can’t be a team without the both of us being in it together. This is the pain. But I don’t see any gain out of this whole experience. We still are friends, but can no longer work together. The team is dissolved. Bye, have a good day.’

I walked away before she could speak. But her text, which I received later, made me realise that I was wrong. So I went back to work the next day. We behaved like nothing ever happened and I was glad that it was all sorted out through that one clarifying message. The text said “We are excepted from the rules because we are the ones who make them.”