Q - QWERTY Syndrome Of Sorts #AtoZChallenge

There comes a time in life, when there’s this moment of clarity. Everything is suddenly alive and little, often overlooked details then appear magnified. High Blood Pressure has caused this and I knew the time for me to make peace with the choices I made has finally arrived. I knew I was being neglected, and my friends have been moving further ahead in the race called life so far. I never expected to be replaced, but that nightmare has now become reality. The final moments to bid goodbye to my friends has arrived. I had prepared a farewell speech, but wasn’t yet ready to let go of it all, so easily. I knew there wasn’t any choice, so I silently wept with a smile pasted on my face.

I enjoyed my stay at the top for a long time and now when I look back to those times, I realise my strength lay with my best friend, who supported me through thick and thin. I approached my best buddy, my confidant, and partner in crime since the beginning of my stay here. ‘Pepper,’ I said with a fresh set of tears in my eyes, ‘I think it is time for us to part our ways. I know you hate emotional moments like this, so the last sentence, take care of yourself and others, as you are the one I trust with this huge responsibility.’

‘Salt,’ he said, with a quivering voice, ‘I never even thought we’d have to face this day. I shall remember all the good times we had and I promise you, I’ll try my best to get you back here, where you belong. Once the Blood Pressure gets in control, they are bound to get you back. Until that day, I’ll hold your place. I know you’re returning soon and will never be replaced.’

Pepper was aware, of the times when my pride blinded me; I had said a few things which I wish I could take back. I then said, ‘If there’s less of you, they say it’s lacking pepper. If there’s less of me, then they say, it’s lacking taste.’ Still, he chose to be my friend all along and is supporting me, when I have no hopes of future for myself. I waved him bye, and went to the back door. I couldn’t face them all again, so I chose to go out this way.

In the shadows, I could make an outline. Sugar came out and hugged me. She said, 'Remember me always.' She gave importance to me, much than what I deserved. I shared the truth about what I felt, right at the beginning of her term. ‘We have nothing in common, except the appearance, when slightly modified,’ I said. She still thought we were best friends, because at some places our combination worked well. Yet, she speaks of me, like we were meant to be together always and those who expressed their doubts at this statement must be having bad taste. I didn’t hate her or anything. I felt I tasted better with Pepper as my company. There were many other combinations that produced better taste than mine with Sugar. She, however, was oblivious to this fact and chose to propagate her view of me, that her friendship is what made me better, as the real truth about me.
Now that I was leaving, maybe forever, I wanted to let her know, that her smothering love only overshadowed my achievements which made me depressed. I was fine and could manage to be so without her presence in my life. She was great at few things, in fact, many things. I can’t replace her there and I knew that. I wish she understood that it works the same way for me. I wanted to say it all, but I didn’t want to be a jerk when leaving. So I said, ‘Be good to everyone and help them all. I won’t forget you. Thank you for everything.’ 

With that, I went away, for a long time. I almost forgot about them all, when I got a chance to come back. I decided to express my feelings right away when I meet my friends again. I understood that nothing is permanent and things don’t stay the same all the time. Yet, when I met Sugar, I smiled and let her take charge. I thought, silently of course, ‘If only everyone understood how others felt, without the need of words!’