O - Occasional Love #AtoZChallenge

'Hey Ooha, let's go and watch a movie now,' said Meena, my best friend.

'Your parents don't let you stay out this late. You sure it's alright to go now?'

'I told them you'll be dropping me back, so they agreed.'

'Nice, let's go to that action film I've been dying to watch since last week.'

'Um... no... Let's watch that romantic movie instead. I forgot to mention, Srikar will be coming as well.'

The third time I've become the third wheel. Why do girls become so selfish once they get a boyfriend? We both were friends long before she even met this guy. I decided to wait till he comes and then go home. I'm done being a silent spectator to their ongoing date. 

The moment I saw Srikar at the entrance, I got up to leave.

'Looks like he's brought a friend,' said Meena. 'Ooha, this is Om, Srikar's best friend.'

Generally, that wouldn't have made any difference. But this tall guy with dreamy eyes, somehow made me stay.

It seems he too was tricked, the same way I was. That too thrice, just like me. He seems to be funny as well. I enjoyed the day, in spite of the movie being so predictably boring. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that we planned and met again in the following week. And a few more times after that. 

Our favorite pastime was mocking the annoying couple, also known as our best friends. We four met again, for lunch this time, about a month later. Om and I have become from strangers to best friends within this span. We were having a great time, joking and making fun, like always. So much that Meena later told me, the couple felt left out.  

Meena asked, 'Are you two together and forgot to mention it? Because you look like you're totally into each other.' 

Maybe we were. We didn't like labeling, so didn't bother questioning what we had, as long as we had it. I told Om, what Meena had said. 

'I'm not seeing anyone and you too aren't, as far as I know. I enjoy your company and you do mine. If we look good together, maybe we can give it a try,' he said.

'If it's alright with you, then it's OK for me too. But this ends, the moment it reaches the annoying level,' I said.

He nodded and then we were officially a couple. We weren't head over heels in love. We got together not because of love. It was mostly because we were bored. Neither of us had any expectations, as it was based on convenience, much more than anything else. We both were aware that the moment that aspect ended, our relationship would end as well. And that's happened a few months later.

The pressure of being a couple was showing its effect and we spent the time we were together, waiting for it to pass. I had to go abroad for work and we had to end it soon. If it was delayed anymore, our friendship would've been ruined too. So we stepped out of the relationship as friends and went our individual ways. 

When we met again, after two years or so, I was on the verge of a breakup, and he was single. We got back together again because we could. Familiarity was what I wanted, which I found in his company. He was just happy to help, as he cared a lot about me. Our relationship was once again formed on the basis of convenience.

'Did you invite the annoying couple for lunch, this Saturday?' Om asked.

'Yes, they wanted to meet us, so I asked them to come here. I should've taken your permission?'

'No, but you could've asked me if I had something else planned for the day.'

'Do you have something else, planned for the day?'

'No, but I don't want to meet them on Saturday. I want to Netflix and sleep the whole weekend.'

We argued about this so much time, that we forgot why we had started by the time it ended. 

'Remember the times when hanging out used to be fun? I wish we got back to being that,' said Om. 

'That time, when we made fun of that annoying couple. Now we became the annoying couple.' 

'Love isn't something which can be forced and clearly, we enjoyed the times when we were friends, much more.'

'You're right. Let's get back to being friends again.'

That's how we broke up, as a couple again and got back to being friends. We had fun the next day, just like we did when we were friends. Meena, however, was sad that they couldn't go on a double date with us the next week. In spite of appearing disheartened, we both were relieved, after finding out their plan. 

We still stay in touch and he's one of the best friends I have. Relationship wise, I think it would've been better if only love could be forced.