N - Nothing But The Best #AtoZChallenge

Every moment I spend away, I pine to get back to you. You're all I have, and you are all I ever need. This day and forever till the end of time.

‘Is it too plain? Should I select something cheesier? I want Nikhil to remember our first valentine’s day forever. What do you think?’

I find spending hours to select a card an absolute waste of time. I could, maybe, sleep at home or do nothing, spend all day staring at the laptop screen. My sister finally selected a card from the ones she had shortlisted earlier. I found them all to be fine, so I said ‘Its OK.’ The disappointed look she had, made me add, ‘You know it's good to keep things a bit plain for the first year, then, later on, you can up the level bit by bit.’ She paid for the card and chocolates, then winked at me and said, ‘You’re right. Let things be vanilla for now.’

I had zero interest in knowing what was going on in their personal lives, especially because Nisha already publicised their perfect, mushy love story so much, that my face now has two heart shaped red eyeballs. Almost.

‘Do you know, he likes everything in heart shape. He didn’t earlier, but now that were together, he likes these things that make me happy.’

‘Good for you.’

‘What did you say?’

‘Lucky he's got an angel like you.’

‘I know. He’s so lucky because he got to be with me. Do you think he knows that?’

‘I bet you'll make sure he does.’

‘Maybe he needs some reminding.’ I thought she was joking, she apparently wasn’t.
I knew that my sister was not the most likable person in the room, but now it looks like she has grown more wicked than I last knew.

The next day at the dinner table, I had to cover for her, as she went out on her half-year anniversary or something. Later that night, she told me all details, though I don't remember asking. The colour of his dress, the taste of the food they had, I wish she knew, I liked sleep much more than listening to her big happy love story, again and again. At times, I think she knows but doesn’t really care.

‘He was so excited that I could stay out so long. I said, I had to miss my best friend's birthday, where our parents think I was till now. So he knows I lied to our parents and stood up on my friends.  He must've realised how much I am doing for his sake. It is his turn to show his loyalty. I'm going to ask him to take me out for a movie on the day he has this monthly cricket match with his friends. That’s when I will know, how much he can sacrifice to prove that he loves me. I love him so much, that I gave my all to him. Is it wrong to expect the same from him?’

I didn't understand how cutting friends made love stronger. If her theory was right, then she will have no friends soon and I'll be the only one who has to listen to her daily updates. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why does she think I look like I care when I really don’t? 

A week later, I saw her with her usual group in the mall. She was giving time to her friends but finds it wrong when her boyfriend does the same. I asked her to explain how it made any sense. She said, ‘If I ignore my friends, they’ll all think Nikhil made me do that. l don’t want anyone to blame him for controlling me. So I make sure I meet my friends regularly.’

But you wanted him to stay away from his friends, right? Why the double standards?

‘He had a point to prove. I proved my love in so many ways, if he doesn’t do it now, then it really is his fault. I don’t care what his friends think, it's his opinion that matters. I think I should text him that before he questions me the same.’

She is now officially evil, as far as I'm concerned. I texted Nikhil, ‘You're having nothing, she's not leaving anything. Sure that’s what you wanted?'

I hoped this text ensured a fight and my sister got blamed, for all things she did. Except, it didn't.

‘You sent him the text. That’s why we are much more in love now. He thinks he made me sad, now he wants to make it right.’

‘Why is he still with you?’

‘Because, he understood, everything I did was for love. If not for love, why would I do anything?’