M - Mirror Mirror #AtoZChallenge

‘Maya, are you alright now? Let go of the past. It wasn't meant to be.’

‘Yes, I’m over it all now. I’m thinking of going out every evening, from this week on. What good does worrying over a bad relationship do? I don’t have anything to worry about now. So, what’s up with you and your guy?’

‘Everything appears to be fine, but I think we are going to break up soon.’


‘Things are getting much complicated, between us. We argue a lot more than we used to earlier. I’m feeling upset or angry, for the major portion of the day. I don’t like being controlled, all the time. I have my own set of opinions. Neither of us is putting any efforts in. How do you think, it’ll even work now?’

‘That’s so sad. I don’t understand, why you even got together if you didn’t want to work it out. Problems are inevitable; you should’ve been prepared for that. When one believes in something, they’ll put in efforts to make it work, however difficult it is.’

‘You think we should try to work it out? Stay together?’

‘Yes, that’s exactly what I think. If you don’t feel the same way, then you shouldn’t have gotten together in the first place.’

‘Umm, Maya, did you forget that you just got out of a similar relationship?’

‘I’m completely aware of what happened to me. But this is different from what happened to me. There was no other way because we both wanted different things. But you, you just need to adjust a bit more. I don’t think you’ll find happiness later if you break up for this reason now. You will end up rejecting everyone else after this. Better work it out.’

‘Because I’m not you, I should do just what you say. Because you are you, I should support you all the time? You’re an expert at giving advice in this topic.’

‘Yes, you got it right. Don’t thank me for this little piece of advice; I’m just trying to be a nice friend here. Also, if you love someone, don’t forget to give your full and more for that person.’


  1. we often forget to give attention to little details in a relation.

    1. Later when things fail, that's when we realise they were the cause.

  2. Relationships need effort, and working together at it, but isn't giving advice much easier than following it oneself?


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