L - Lighter Hue #AtoZChallenge

Every night, before I sleep, I thank God for everything. I also ask him to help my friends. One day I heard, that God helps only those who help themselves. I started helping my friends since then, whether they asked me or not. Though they feel bad initially, they do understand my intentions later.   

This summer, I met these kids: Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. They were on the verge of becoming ‘best friends forever’. I knew they needed my help because just weren’t meant to be. I met Cyan first, sitting on a swing and looking at me, while I emptied the soda can. I needed help in shifting objects into the house. He called his friends and we worked all noon. I took them out for late-lunch and soon they became my new best buds.

I knew that things weren’t as good as they looked. Cyan hated the influence of Red in the other two. Magenta hated the part of Green in the others. Yellow hated Blue, in Magenta and Cyan. They didn’t hate each other earlier, but I succeeded in making their hidden feelings visible.

I told them individually, that they could deepen their friendship, only if they convinced the others to let go of their undesirable traits. First time I said so, all three dismissed it. A few weeks later, a tiny portion in their head managed to convince them. One by one, they came to me and agreed. Since then they trusted me, with their deepest secrets. They all said they felt their friendship thinned over the time.

I set the course, they merely followed it. I knew it would hurt for a while and later they’d be glad. They knew that ending things, was the best choice then. Then they were still in the hurt phase, unable to comprehend why their friendship was no longer the same. A few more weeks and they’ll forget, their BFF’s then, will not even be their friend. I was happy, not because I got new friends, but because their old friendships ended.

I thought all was going well, just according to the plan. Then entered Demon, in the form of White. White must’ve said something, because I’ve seen them together, more often since earlier. White was my best of friends, till he changed. He started believing in friendships, which weren’t meant to last. He thought they could make it work, if they he convinced them to try harder. He tried to undo what good I did and almost always succeeded.

They all came to me one evening and Yellow then pointed, that I was a friend to all of them, when they weren’t even friends themselves. Also Magenta blamed me, for breaking their group. I became their friend, because I had no colours in me. I didn’t have the undesirable qualities, so everyone assumed I was likeable. But I wasn't. I made them think destructively while White made them feel constructive. These words were said by the kids, but I knew who made them say so. They said goodbye and left my house.

This time, I lost to White again. This set lacked good luck and were brain washed by White, before they could break up. How easily White manipulated them. They spoke like they never even met me. Next time I’ll choose my friends wisely. Then I can help them, even if they don’t know that they need my help. 

This group, like many others, made me wonder, ‘When one believes in something, shouldn’t they try to stick to it, always?’


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