K - Keep Calm And Win #AtoZChallenge

‘Kriti, do you know what everyone is talking about, since a week or so? We should join them tonight. We need to do something about our current situation related to her!’

‘I don’t know, Katie. She has a right to behave in whichever way she wants to.’

‘You know, she’s not as special as she thinks she is. She is no House, to do things her way and still expect to get away with everything. We three are supposed to stick together. If she’s turning into this big mood kill, it is on us ,to get her back on track.’

‘Katie… Kavya’s coming. Let’s talk about this later.’

‘Hello, Ladies. What an awful morning. Katie, still crying about the death of your favourite character, in that TV Show? Sad that I guessed it right or that they killed him off?’

‘Kavya, she was just telling me about this new Sushi Bar, in the next street. Everyone in the office is going there tonight. So, we too should go with them. It’s been so long, since you both stayed in the same room without trying to kill each other. You both should let things go now.’

‘Yeah, if I loved to get food poisoning from sushi, that’ll be the best place for me to be.’

‘Kriti, this is the reason, I get out of the room, whenever she enters. Let Miss Grumpy attack others. Count me out of tonight’s plan.’

‘Katie, please come for my sake?’

Katie stormed off the room, ignoring Kriti’s statement.

‘She does that all the time. I know she will come, said Kriti, praying for Katie to not leave her alone.

‘You're so naive. I don’t think she'll come. I have a feeling; she won’t come there.’

‘See, you say bad things, almost always. I don’t mind it much, but she is a bit sensitive. You, breaking her hope every second, it hurt's her. Don’t do it anymore, Kavya. Please.’

‘I’ll try not to say bad things. Let me remind you, people break their promises all the time.’

Kriti sent the text, ‘Situation under control, plan is still on tonight.’

Night came soon, everyone at work left for the Restaurant. Thinking of different ways to say mean things, Kavya got excited.

No more evil, no more negativity, Katie was excited.

Her two best friends will get along better, Kriti was excited.

‘I am lucky to be with these colleagues, who also are my best friends now,’ said the lonely HR guy, who rarely spoke a word in the day time.

‘I am grateful for all good things happening in my life, right now,’ said the pale, anaemic, new joiner, whose name no one knew.

Everyone kept on saying good things and then Katie said, ‘I feel happy for being the reason, for change in someone’s mentality, today.’

‘I have my two best friends by my side. That’s what I love the most about this day,’ said Kriti. 

‘I have sadness, gloom and despair inspiring me today, like every other day. I’m grateful for this as I pissed off more people and few people more times than any other day,’ Kavya winked at Katie and sat down.

‘I thought you said you wouldn't say weird things like this.’

‘Did I? I feel good that I said it out loud. That means it is good for me. As a representative of unhappiness, I don’t think this should be happening to me. I can't be happy now, I withdraw it all.’

‘No, you can’t,’ said Katie. ‘They invited you here, so that you’ll realise how much of discomfort your presence causes to all Also, they want to get rid of you but can’t, because unlike you, they’re decent people.’

‘I rarely agree with you,Katie. But, what you said is true. I should stop saying bad things which make me happy. I should be mean and stay emotionless, instead of feeling happy, when I make others feel miserable.’

‘Katie, your plan worked. So Kavya, you’ll be good to all from now on?’

‘That’s what I was thinking, until you mentioned the plan. If you planned it all and manipulated me, then you’ll get happiness from my decision of not being me. So, nothing has been changed. I'm still the same.’

‘We only did that to help you. We weren’t manipulating you. Katie, please help me, now.’

Katie gave a reluctant grunt. Then Kriti stood up and said, ‘Listen everybody, I love this day.’

Her colleagues turned to face Kriti, who was sitting in a corner, occupying three chairs by herself. Katie and Kavya, Kriti's alters with different temperaments, sat by her side and cheered as she said, ‘Losers, I’m happy not because I won. It's because you all lost.’


* Theme based on the novel, 'Tell Me Your Dreams', by Sidney Sheldon.


  1. Cat fight...narrated well. Sadist people do find it meaningful to hurt others and be happy about it. There is no dearth of them around!
    Good read
    Anagha From Team MocktailMommies
    Collage Of Life

    1. Thank you so much. This is the first time I'm writing. Read the other posts as well. :)

  2. Cat fight...narrated well. Sadist people do find it meaningful to hurt others and be happy about it. There is no dearth of them around!
    Good read
    Anagha From Team MocktailMommies
    Collage Of Life

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, I went through your post. It's a great one. Quite useful, thanks for the post. :)


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