E - Extraordinary Match #AtoZChallenge

Ekta: ‘All my luck struck at once. That’s why we met and fell in love so deep.’

Eeshan: ‘I’m glad that our bad beginning didn’t affect the happy ending.’

Ekta: ‘What do you mean ‘bad beginning’? That’s what made us stronger.’

Eeshan: ‘You wore red dress and spilled sambhar on my shirt, that’s how we met, right?’

Ekta: ‘Not that day, that’s the second time. I still remember the day we first met. We both were working for the music committee and our ideas clashed. The one to bring the maximum supporters would win. So I did, naturally.’

Eeshan: ‘You know, that’s when my friends first told me they thought we could never even become friends.’

Ekta: ‘See where we are now. It's just amazing what all they predicted. In our case we proved them wrong.’

Eeshan: ‘You know when we started being friends just after we sorted out the differences; everyone was waiting for us to have a big fight. When we did, they thought we would start hating each other.’

Ekta: ‘As far as I remember, we weren’t ‘just friends’ for long. It was soon after that particular fight, our friendship bloomed into love.’

Eeshan: ‘After that they put a timeline of about a month before we broke up, because we didn’t think in the exactly same manner.’

Ekta: ‘That’s the reason what we had was further strengthened. If we were thinking similarly, we both wouldn’t have compromised at similar times and that would’ve caused problems.’

Eeshan: ‘Speaking of problems, there was supposed to be a third person entering and that would’ve caused one of us to exit. I’m so happy that the third one entered a few weeks later.’

Ekta: ‘The only thing Caramel, my dear Labrador puppy, ever caused between us was a competition to check who he liked better. Owning a pet and our mutual love for him only helped us get closer. Did our friends have a checklist where these conditions to separate us attacked us one after the other?’

Eeshan: ‘Remember the tall cousin of mine, he told my parents all about you. Then my pessimistic friends were sure our parents wouldn’t approve. I’m so relieved they reacted well upon hearing it.’

Ekta: ‘My parents loved you the moment they saw Caramel playing with you. Getting Caramel home definitely helped us.’

Eeshan: ‘Then, they guessed the seven month itch would play its role and soon what we have would become what we had.’

Ekta: ‘But no such thing happened. Eight months now and we’re still so strong.’

Eeshan: ‘Yes, that’s when they ultimately accepted, nothing could break us and we’re going to be together forever. The outcome is fixed; we’re never going to get separated.’

Ekta: ‘Yeah, now that we’ve passed the worst, there’s nothing but happiness ahead. Now turn back and close your eyes. I’ve got a surprise for you.’

Eeshan: ‘Ok, now tell me what the surprise is.’

Ekta: ‘Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. Here’s the cake I made for you. Isn’t chocolate your favourite?’

Eeshan: ‘Yeah, chocolate it is. But today’s not my birthday. It’s next month.’

Ekta: ‘What next month? Your college records state this as your birthday, November 29th. Are you kidding me now?’

Eeshan: ‘No, my parents accidentally entered the wrong month when I joined school. Since then the wrong date is my official date of birth. But my actual birthday is next month. It’s on 29th December.’

Ekta: ‘That means you’re not Sagittarius?’

Eeshan: ‘No, I’m Capricorn.’

Ekta: ‘Oh, sure you’re not joking right?’

Eeshan: ‘Why would I joke on this topic?’

Ekta: ‘In that case we need to reconsider everything.’

Eeshan: ‘Reconsider what?’

Ekta: ‘The compatibility for Aries and Sagittarius is wonderful. But Aries and Capricorn, it’s just disastrous. I’m sorry but I don’t think we can proceed any further.’

Eeshan: ‘Are you serious?’

Ekta: ‘Sadly I am. I don’t want to have problems in future and I can’t risk by betting on this disastrous low compatible match. What we had could've been great, if we had a future. Sorry, but we can't now. If I knew this earlier, I wouldn’t have proceeded this far, I’m sorry Eeshan.’

Eeshan: ‘Stop, you are scaring me. Please stop it now.’

Ekta: ‘I strongly believe matches are made in heaven. If they were made on earth, maybe there could’ve been a chance. Eeshan... Goodbye.’