D - Different Perspectives #AtoZChallenge

There are three sides to every story: your side, my side and the truth.

What Happened:

‘I have the last exam tomorrow,’ said Deepak.
Divya said, ‘Let’s meet in the evening.’
‘It’s a date!’ she heard, just before he ended the call.

Her side:
He is way out of my league. Luckily he agreed to go out with me. I hope we aren’t heading out as friends and that’s all we’ll ever be? My calculations say its 7/10, that we’ll succeed as a couple. It’s just better than failure. Did he confirm it is a date? Hopefully fate will give it a boost with passing time.

His side:
She’s cute. I hope the date goes well. I don’t want to be single forever. Big day tomorrow.


What Happened :

‘Can’t you lie to your friends?’ asked Divya.
‘No,’ Deepak began, ‘We made this plan months ago. I can’t back out of it now.’
‘Are your friends more important than me?’
‘Stop suffocating me.’
Saying, ‘I wish I had a higher priority in your life,’ she stormed out of the room.

Her side:
It isn’t like I’ve forbidden him from meeting them. I just wanted him to do that because spending our six months anniversary together is important to me. Why can’t he do to what I say, for once in his life? Now it’s only 4/10. I better do something, before it falls down any further.

His side:
I can’t be with her the whole time. My friends are a part of my life and I enjoy their company. Just because I have a girlfriend, should I forget everyone else? Maybe I should allocate more time to her. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn't hang out with my friends anymore.


What happened:

Following 20 missed calls from her in a span of one hour.
‘Divya, is everything alright?’
‘Yeah, I called to find out if you reached safe. I wasn’t able to reach you and that worried me.’
‘I am OK. Nothing happened to me on the way. So far this has been the best trip ever. I’ll call you when I’m back at the hotel. I love you.’
‘I want to talk with you right now. I feel so lonely; you’re all that matters to me. I still don’t understand how you could choose your friends over me. I call you because I’m worried about you and you label me a stalker and laugh about it in front of your friends. I know that’s exactly what’s going to happen.’
‘That’s not what I meant. Please stop being sensitive. I love you Divya. You know that.’
‘Don’t bother calling me unless you meant what you said, about loving me. Bye.’
‘I asked you to stop being sensitive, not start being senseless.’
‘I’m senseless?’
‘I didn’t mean that. I love you for real. You’re worrying for no reason. I miss your presence so much that I planned a surprise for you when I return. I wanted to reveal it later. You made me do it now. I’ll do anything for it to work. I know we’re going to be OK. Stop worrying so much. I promise things will be better when I return.’
‘OK, just for you.’

Her side:
He called me senseless and sensitive. I'm glad emotional drama worked this time. I hope he doesn't realise I tricked him. I better have something in store if he turns away from the promise he's made. It's 9/10 now. I hope it gets to 10 soon.

His side:
I thought I was doing the right thing. If I change a bit, she’ll have no problem with me. I will do anything for her happiness. If that means limited time with friends, I’m OK with that.


What happened:
‘The one thing I asked you to do, book a movie ticket. Deepak, is there anything that you can do right?’
‘You’re embarrassing me. Let’s talk about it someplace private. Don’t make a scene in front of everyone.’
‘So everyone’s comfort is what matters you. What about my discomfort? It’s not like I didn’t remind you. I’ve called you about ten times just to remind this.’
‘Everybody does mistakes. I’m sorry. I was busy at the moment, when I returned, the tickets were all sold out. We can watch it tomorrow. Let’s stop fighting now.’
‘Stop sulking over this, Divya. Act a bit more matured, at least when we’re out.’
‘I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it all, whatever I said. It’s because of the headache I have. I’ll meet you tomorrow.’

Her side:
He asked me to act matured and screamed at me in front of people. It’s all gone now. My calculations show its only 1/10. I better speak to him tomorrow and try to make things right. We are just pawns playing our part, as determined by the fate. I just wish mine was written better.

His side:
Maybe her headache really made her say all that. She’s never been mean to me. Hope it’s gone by tomorrow. I shouldn’t have been so irresponsible. Maybe it was my mistake, I screwed up in spite of all the reminding. I wish i was better at keeping her happy. I should make things right tomorrow.

The Next Day, all three sides:

‘Deepak… I am sorry for everything I said or did, since the beginning. I truly love you, but I tried to control your love and that ruined our relationship. Its only 1/10. If we don’t do anything about it now, the relationship is over.’
‘It isn’t… Divya… Not yet. It’s just 1 according to me too. Except, I follow binary and 1 means all in this scale. I love you with my all and I know you do too. We can work it out, if it stops being you and me and becomes us. I haven't given up on us.’
‘You think there’s a chance?’
‘Yes, absolutely.’
‘I still wonder if the risk is worth taking, if the outcome is already fixed,’ she thought as they walked away, hand in hand.